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Founded in 2016

Women & Co. is a diverse and supportive group of passionate women developing professional and interpersonal skills. We strive to enhance each member's professional development through seminars, workshops and mentorship programs. Our members also gain new skills and experiences through networking with other students and faculty. Most of our members enter industries dominated by males. Thus we aspire to fully prepare our members for life after college. We work to broaden each member's view of the business world by connecting our members to current events so they can adapt and apply these skills in an effective way. Women & Co. is a community that provides model leadership and mentoring for women in business, and is a source of inspiration and empowerment for its members to educate and elevate.





3  Core Values


We are devoted to teaching members and all women at Indiana University about the importance of business in the world. Specifically, our focus on current events include presentations and discussions on newspapers, articles, books, and media. Additionally, we provide an exploratory experience in which members will gain a better understanding of how the majors offered at the Kelley School of Business will impact their future in the workforce. This is a unique discovery process that is achieved by bringing in female speakers to share their career paths, hosting events with corporate partners, and facilitating discussions between teams and senior members of Women & Co. 



Women & Company is passionate about having all members equally involved and active in the organization. We are inspired by giving back to the community and participating in many philanthropic events. We are committed to creating and maintaining relationships with various nonprofits in Bloomington through donations and volunteer time.


Women & Company is committed to provide an environment for all members to speak freely and to motivate one another. We encourage our members to support all women throughout each endeavor. This is accomplished through discussions on personal experiences and activities directed towards personal growth.

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